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Internet Sales

From the lessons of successful outfits like Amazon and eBay to some of the more noticeable flame-outs at the turn of the century, harnessing the power of the Internet to build a business or just to boost your sales is a difficult but ultimately rewarding proposition. Find out how some of the best in the business are developing and implementing innovative strategies for reaping the rewards of selling online.

Yahoo Kisses It All Good-bye
The secret of Yahoo`s original success was that it committed itself to standing shoulder to shoulder with its customers. John Ellis
How Google Searches Itself
Google has become one of the hottest companies in Silicon Valley by helping millions of Internet users search the Web smarter and faster. But how does this wildly popular search engine find the new ideas that will keep its business moving forward? By ``googling`` itself. Fara Warner
AOL`s True Believers
Wall Street is down on AOL Time Warner -- and worried about its moguls. Yet deeper in the ranks, a cadre of executives is working hard to bring the troubled colossus to life. Here`s how a new cast of players is building the future of the world`s biggest media company. George Anders
The Internet Power Grab
Everyone knows that the Internet is moving from free to fee. John Ellis
Monica Luechtefeld Makes the Net Click
The dedicated veteran behind has built one of the largest retailers on the Web -- a $2 billion-a-year site that has been profitable from the start. Linda Tischler
Digital Matters - Issue 52
Most everyone has written off the dotcoms. Smart investors are finding the real value. Fast Company
No-Sweat Internet
Reinventors Cathy Olofson
Intel Is Putting Its Chips on the Net
Craig Barrett won`t let the slowdown in the semiconductor market stop his company`s bid to be the world`s number-one e-commerce player. Says the Intel CEO: "We almost couldn`t help becoming an Internet company. Cheryl Dahle
Banker`s Hours
Janey Place, who runs e-commerce strategy for Mellon Financial, firmly believes in the Internet. But she doesn`t believe in the overheated urgency of Internet time or the "ready, fire, aim" model of Internet strategy. Bill Breen
Business Fights Back: eBay Learns to Trust Again
The world`s most successful Internet company is based on two pillars of growth: the global spread of Internet-style capitalism and confidence in the basic goodness of the people who do business on the site. Both ideas came under attack on September 11. George Anders