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Organizational Change

Whether the result of a merger, or just the demands of a tough marketplace, significant organizational change is one of the most difficult strategies to implement. Here's a collection of our best articles on making real, sustainable organizational change a reality.

Think for a Change
What can executives learn from a women`s liberal-arts college in Milwaukee? The most important lesson: how to turn their companies into learning organizations. Curtis Sittenfeld
Can Philips Learn to Walk the Talk?
Gerard Kleisterlee's turnaround program for Royal Philips Electronics is a high-stakes bet on a simple, catalytic idea: strategic conversations. Ian Wylie
(Not) the Same Old Story
Eden Alternative is a change-minded organization determined to save a critically ill patient: long-term care for the elderly. The nursing-home industry should be about living, argues founder Bill Thomas, not about dying. Here`s his prescription -- and lessons for changing any industry. Chuck Salter
7 Lessons From WaMu`s Playbook
Mergers and acquisitions are, once again, shaking up all kinds of industries. The big question: How do you do them right? Here`s the playbook according to Washington Mutual, one of the best in the business. George Anders
Survival Is Not Enough
Hey, it's a jungle out there! So if you want to win, do more than embrace change -- learn how to evolve. Seth Godin
Beyond Reengineering
From our first issue forward, Fast Company has tackled the ideas of reengineering, restructuring, and rethinking how business works. Here are some of our best stories about big-business change. Fast Company
A Change Will Do You Good
The guardians of big business are defending their fortress against an army of interlopers whose needs and opinions clash with tradition. Two new books examine what this intrusion means to corporate insiders -- and outsiders. Keith H. Hammonds
BMW: Driven by Design
Chris Bangle and his design gurus are the creative engine inside the hottest car company in the world. But BMW`s most breathtaking design may well be its strategy for growth. Bill Breen
Free to Innovate
Fallon Worldwide couldn`t thrive on its own. Nor could it lose the creative fire that first fueled its growth. An up-start ad agency learns to love its big-company patron. Christine Canabou
How Will Your Company Adapt?
Charles Darwin wrote the book on natural selection: Survival of the fittest is about adaptability to a changing environment and new competitive realities. That`s just what companies face today. Paul C. Judge