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The Power of Green

America's future rests on sustainability. If we keep wasting energy resources at our current rate, the future is going to look pretty bleak. In that regard, The Power of Green is about sustainability at new heights. It's time to cut through the greenwash and get to real strategies that will truly resolve our environmental issues.Here are the visionaries, those who are tackling our problems in novel ways. Meet Silicon Valley's top green investors, learn about the future of green homes, uncover the truth about carbon offsets, and find out what the government is really up to on the climate change front. Also dig through our archives of green content, where you'll read all about the companies and people that are building our eco-future.

The King of Green Investing

Vinod Khosla is pouring his own millions into science experiments to counter global warming -- and to prove he's the smartest guy in the Valley.

Can Carbon Credits Slow Global Warming?

Legal limits on greenhouse-gas emissions are coming fast, with a $1 trillion carbon market emerging. At the core: A cadre of young, idealistic yale forestry grads. But will carbon offsets do anything to slow global warming?

The Green Housing Boom

Vinod Khosla is pouring his own millions into science experiments to counter global warming -- and to prove he's the smartest guy in the Valley.

The Music Industry Goes Green

How musicians, venues, promoters, and labels are cleaning up their acts for the big summer season.

Green Fashion: Is It More Than Marketing Hype?

Green fashion is giving the fashion industry an eco-makeover. But is green its true color?

How The Fashion Industry Is Greening Its Operation

While being eco-friendly has been in style the last few years, it’s questionable whether green will still be fashionable next season.

The State of the Climate Change Debate

As politics and the planet both heat up, there’s a lot of talk about climate change measures. What’s really happening?

Silicon Valley's Angel Investors

Many venture funds believe newborn companies need too little money and too much other help. This pullback has created an opening for individuals who have become full-time investors that operate just like venture funds, except with their own money. Here are the standouts among that handful.

Music Goes Green

Musicians, music venues, promoters, and record labels are all cleaning up their acts. Here five industry notables share how their being more eco-friendly.

Building Green Homes

Take a look inside Developer Steve Glenn's abode -- the first LEED Platinum-certified single-family house in the United States, along with other homes on the cutting-edge of green.

In Fashion, Green is the New Black

Going au natural for the office is easier than you might think.

9 Daring Ideas That Blend Fashion and Sustainability

Sustainable is the new sexy. Long gone are the days when caring about the environment meant dated fashions and dowdy garb. Here's a look at nine quirky green friendly designs that are fashionably far from the ordinary.

Green Fashion Goes Mainstream

Nowadays, with consumers that are not just fashion conscious, but also environmentally conscientious, more and more large chain retailers are jumping on the eco-wagon and offering sustainable styles. Here's a look at some of the biggest names in apparel and the eco friendly collections they offer.


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50 Ways to Green Your Business

Half-a-hundred options for cleaning up your business, from the universal (catch that rainwater!) to the specific (lose the plastic bowls!). Mix, match--join in.

Texas Oil Tycoon Tackles Renewable

Texas tycoon T. Boone Pickens has been dubbed the "Oracle of Oil." So why is he building the world's largest wind farm?

Jim Gordon May Have an Answer to our Energy Problems

An alternative to oil? Check. Completely green? Check. Economical? Check. So why has the entrepreneur been sued, pilloried, and lampooned?

10 Questions with Wind Power Entrepreneur Jim Gordon

This former fossil fuel power plant tycoon wants to pioneer a new era in renewable energy. His $1 billion Cape Wind project would be America's first offshore wind farm, with 130 turbines, each higher than a 40-story building, turning the inexhaustible ocean breezes into clean energy.

Can Green Homes be Mass Produced?

Architect Michelle Kaufmann on finding an alternative to endless subdivisions of McMansions.

Energize Your Portfolio with Renewables

HIP+SVT examined 21 renewable-energy pure-play companies - covering energy types as diverse as solar/photovolataic, wind, fuel cell, ethanol, and cogeneration.

Motorhead Messiah

Johnathan Goodwin can get 100 mpg out of a Lincoln Continental, cut emissions by 80%, and double the horsepower. Does the car business have the guts to follow him?

Bringing Green Jobs to the Urban Poor

Oakland activist Van Jones is on a mission to bring green-collar jobs to the urban poor. His mightiest weapon: His mouth.

Green Business: All in a Days Work

The answer to greening business might just be working less

Designing A Next-Gen Car

Can the wisdom of crowds design a next-generation car?

Measuring Footprints

A new program at Patagonia tells consumers about the eco-impact of its products -- and helps the company get greener.

The Mother Lode

VC god John Doerr explains what it will take to score the untold treasures of the green-tech boom.

Hire This Guy

In the fast-changing world of corporate sustainability, environmental consultants are the new management gurus. And Mike Brown is the master.

At Frog, Being Green Isn't Easy; It's Essential

Committing to clean design.

The Green Standard?

LEED buildings get lots of buzz, but the point is getting lost.

Working with the Enemy

Once the youngest president of the Sierra Club, Adam Werbach used to call Wal-Mart toxic. Now the company is his biggest client. Does the path to a greener future run through Bentonville?

How Green is Wal-Mart?

In October 2005, Wal-Mart CEO Lee Scott outlined audacious environmental and sustainability goals for the company. Here's the status of some of the company's major initiatives.