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Fast Company Fund

Social Capitalists

Fast Company Fund

Fast Company has set up two options for you to support the work of the social capitalists featured in the January 2004 issue as part of the Social Capitalist Awards:

1) You can donate directly to one of the organizations.

2) You can pool your money with other Fast Company readers to have a greater impact by contributing to the Fast Company Social Capitalist Fund.

If you'd like to donate directly to any of the individual organizations, click below to go to a secure page to donate (links open in a new window). These links will take you to the respective sites of each organization or to, a nonprofit that facilitates online donations to registered nonprofits. charges a 3% transaction fee to cover credit card processing.

Fast Company Social Capitalist Fund

Click on the links below to pool your contribution with those of other Fast Company readers -- and to indicate where you'd like your money to go. We've set up a fund, managed by our partner, Social Enterprise Alliance, to collect money for unrestricted capacity grants for the winners.

We will pool the money in amounts of $5,000 to be used for any aspect of capacity building, such as purchasing computers, hiring temporary administrative staff, or training.

The number of grants that the Fast Company Social Capitalist Fund can give depends on how much Fast Company readers donate. In order to determine which organizations will receive the funds, we're asking you to vote for your first-choice recipient. The grants will be given to the organizations that garner the majority of votes. Please note that this means that your pooled donation could go to an organization that you didn't choose.

This option is all about being able to make a larger difference by pooling your money with other readers. If your preference is to donate directly to a specific organization, you can do so above. Otherwise, click below to select your preference -- and to contribute to the Fast Company Social Capitalist Fund.

Lastly, Fast Company has also partnered with the Executive Education program at Stanford Business School. Any of the selected organizations that choose to spend their grant on management education will be admitted automatically to the prestigious Executive Non-Profit Leaders course -- the application process will be waived.