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The Fast 50 is Fast Company magazine's annual readers' challenge, a global search for people doing extraordinary things. We were looking for innovative talents from the worlds of technology, design, entertainment, consumer goods, science, marketing, media, education, government, and more. And you responded. We received hundreds of nominations, which were rated and commented on thousands of times. Below, our list of reader favorites--the submissions that drew the highest marks among entries with at least 25 votes. Enjoy.

  1. P. J. Cammarata, Network Mapping Associates, Inc.
  2. Jane Friedman, HarperCollins Publishers
  3. Colin Day, iCIMS
  4. Rodney Joffe, UltraDNS
  5. Bruce Livingstone, iStockphoto
  6. Gary Tilkin, Global Forex Trading
  7. Joel Bomgaars, NetworkStreaming
  8. Sharon P. Whiteley, ThirdAge Inc.
  9. Wendy Haig, Simdesk Technologies Inc
  10. Mike Fata, Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods & Oils
  11. Jonelle Raffino, South West Trading Company
  12. Bobbi DePorter, Quantum Learning Network
  13. Rebecca Feaster, Feaster and Associates
  14. Joshua Onysko, Pangea Organics
  15. Jay Adelson, Digg, Inc.
  16. Arick Wierson, NYC Media Group
  17. Karen Purves, innovative impact
  18. Jimmy Zeilinger, Brand Castle
  19. Peter L. Corsell, GridPoint
  20. Rick Russell, American Medical ID
  21. Tom Burkardt, BlueNote Networks
  22. Dan Bodner, Verint Systems, Inc.
  23. Stephen Smith, Planet Beach
  24. John Muszynski, Starcom USA
  25. Sarah Fay, Isobar U.S.
  1. Padmasree Warrior, Motorola, Inc.
  2. Duke Chung, Parature
  3. Robin Berlinsky, Niki Leigh Spa
  4. Edward Lundquist, The Job of the Week newsletter
  5. Don Cantral, NextAce
  6. Matt Lautz, Brevient Technologies, Inc.
  7. Josh Linkner, ePrize, LLC
  8. Robert McNabb, Futurestep
  9. John Elms, SpectraLink
  10. Kenji Hisatsune, Namco Networks
  11. Stefan Roever, Navio Systems, Inc.
  12. Gamal Aziz, MGM Grand Hotel & Casino
  13. Curtis O'Keefe, Communique Conferencing, Inc.
  14. Tim Storm,
  15. Patrick Brandt, Skywire Software
  16. John McHugh, ProCurve Networking by HP
  17. Clare Hart, Factiva
  18. Paula Vogel, Brown University
  19. David Hancock, Morgan James Publishing, LLC
  20. Ryan Black, Sambazon
  21. Indelethio Nebeker, Empowerment Coaching & Consulting
  22. Todd Wakefield, Attensity
  23. Michael Lefenfeld, SiGNa Chemistry LLC
  24. Andy Pawlowski, Rawlings Sporting Goods
  25. Ryan Wuerch, Motricity, Inc.

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