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The 2010 Masters of Design

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Che Bella Figura!

With a blend of artistry and commercial savvy, Patricia Urquiola enthralls tony Italian furniture makers—as well as BMW, H&M, and high-end hotel chains such as Mandarin Oriental. It’s a beautiful business. Read More

This Land is Your Land

Walter Hood transforms run-of-the-mill public spaces—city parks, highway underpasses—into pillars of the communities they serve. His goal: to prove that every place, and every person, can benefit from good design. Read More

Global Architect with a Mission!

In the world of architecture, there’s no hotter upstart than Denmark’s Bjarke Ingels Group. BIG’s ambitious buildings are poetic, practical and unlike anything else.Read More

What's Wrong With Green Design

Gadi Amit shares his own politically incorrect formula for sustainability: products that are beautiful, touch people emotionally—and don’t rust. Read More

Super Style Me

Inside the $2.4 billion plan to change the way you think about the most iconic restaurant on the planet. Read More

Can Design Save the World?

This emerging generation of designers wants to do more than create handsome and functional products. It’s out to protect the environment, improve health, reform education, and empower communities. Read More

Project Runway

Fiona Morrisson helps JetBlue soar above the airline industry’s turbulence by merging branding and design. Read More


Designed to wow and created to last, these heirlooms-in-waiting are an antidote to throwaway consumerism in this era of disposable goods. Read More

Journeys of Inspiration

What inspires designers? Fast Company gave Canon EOS 7D cameras to four experts—Ken Carbone, Erica Eden, Michelle Berryman, and Scott Wilson—to capture images and video that show their creative thinking at work. Read More

2009 Masters of Design

David Butler, David Adjaye, Lisa Strausfeld, Alberto Alessi, David Rockwell Read More

Patricia Urquiola photograph by Chris Brooks; Bjarke Ingels photograph by Thomas Loof; Bjarke Ingels illustration by Kirk Manley; Walter Hood photograph by Alessandra Petlin; Walter Hood videos courtesy of Hood Design