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2008 Masters of Design

2008 Master's of Design

A Dutch superstar, an unyielding architect, a force for good, a style soothsayer, a digital visionary and 71 perfect products. That’s what you’ll find here in our fifth annual report on the intersection of business and design. Plus you'll also find slideshows, Masters of Design exclusive video, expert design blog, and an invitation to join the Design Topic Group.

Marcel Wanders Designs Miami's Mondrian

As his multipart empire expands into the U.S., Marcel Wanders's moment has come. He's riding it for all it's worth.

Digital Thinking at Rhode Island School of Design

As the new president of the Rhode Island School of Design, John Maeda brings digital artistry -- and an obsession with business -- to an ultra-analog world.

Building a Sustainable Design Community

Valerie Casey is rallying the creative community to her version of a Kyoto treaty for designers -- and her peers are signing on in droves. Now comes the hard part.

Biomimicry: Nature-Inspired Designs

Learning from wasp nests, lobster shells, and butterfly wings.

Li Edelkoort: Famous Trendspotter

Whether it's our impending obsession with veils and turbans or our "global quest for decadence," Li Edelkoort knows what's coming. (You might not believe it.)

Intel Atom: Intel Makes Its Smallest Chip Ever

A completely reimagined computer chip from Intel drinks 10 times less power -- and puts the full Internet in the palm of your hand.

Steven Holl's Global Architecture Footprint

How rule breaking, vision, and a healthy shot of ego propel an architect to the top of his craft.

Five Top Design Firms Make the Gadgets We Love

American industrial designers are the secret heroes of the marketplace, finessing products to make them easier to use and help them sell better. Here's how five top firms have been busy shaping our world.

The Masters of Typography: House Industries

A merry band of typeface provocateurs is styling down to the letter.


Mastering Design

Leading designers share their thoughts on creativity and the importance of design in the world today. Portions of this video were shot with the Flip camera, courtesy of SmartDesign.

Video: Dishing with the 2008 Masters of Design

Marcel Wanders talked about the fairy tale that informed the design of the new Mondrian Hotel in Miami, and the fear he has to face down every time he begins a new project. John Maeda spoke of design's hidden return on investment -- its impact on an organization's human resources.

A Behind the Scenes Peek at "Typographreaks"
The designers at House Industries offer a show and tell of how they created the “Typographreaks” font to accompany the article we wrote about them for Masters of Design. They were inspired by Rick James’s red boots.

Marcel Wanders's South Beach Mondrian

The Vision of John Maeda

Future Trends: What's Hot and What's Not

The Global Portfolio of Architect Steven Holl

Biomimicry: Design Inspirations from Nature

Cool Products From the Labs of Five Top Design Firms

The Port of Los Angeles is the Gateway to Ingenuity