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Masters of Design

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2007 Masters of Design

Innovation and inspiration. Management and creativity. This is our fourth annual report on the intersection of business and design. Online we feature a video interview with Yves Behar and a video tour of R/GA's best interactive work.

Yves Behar Yves Behar

Not long ago, Yves Béhar was a self-described "slumlord" to cover his rent. Now he's a superstar.

Bob Greenberg Bob Greenberg

The phrase "interactive advertising" is everywhere. Bob Greenberg actually makes it.

Sam Lucente Sam Lucente

Sam Lucente's business is corporate design. Persuasion is his game.

Paola Antonelli Paola Antonelli

The design universe revolves around a woman who loves Q-tips, Post-its, and The Twilight Zone.

Philippe Starck Philippe Starck

The design whirlwind behind everything from Richard Branson's space suits to a new global condo empire, Philippe Starck weighs in on the importance of fantasy, energy, and bivalves.

Talent Pool

Making their mark from New York to Tokyo. Fourteen talents who are driving design forward.


Lighting design is on fire like never before. Sun-tracking heliostats, compact fluorescents, LEDs--these are just some of the progressive technologies making clinical fluorescent tubes look like Victor Victrolas of illumination.


Design can reward the eyes and ease the demands on our fingertips, yet it's rarely thought of as a gift to our ears. Now unprecedented attention is being devoted to manipulation of sound.


If the key to a young graduate's future was once "plastics," today it's biopolymers, plastic analogs made mostly from natural, biodegradable components instead of petrochemicals.

The Green Standard?

LEED buildings get lots of buzz, but the point is getting lost.

Billionaire Homes
The Brains Behind Billionaire Homes

When it comes to building a house for a billionaire, money isn't a constraint but the stakes can be very high. Here, architects, including those responsible for creating homes for the likes of Bill Gates and David Geffen, talk about the challenges of bringing unrestrained visions to life.

Click here for billionaire's homes slideshow