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Masters of Design

Looking for this year's Masters of Design?

Masters of Design

<< The Business of Design


Is design a craft, a tool, or an obsession? These days, it's a bit of all three. In our annual roundup meet the creative businesspeople dialing in to the power of design, and hear sage advice on what design can (and can't) do for your bottom line -- and get an eyeful of some amazing examples of the craft. Meet our 2006 Masters of Design: Jochen Zeitz, the CEO who rescued Puma; Clive Wilkinson, the architect who imagined Google's stunning new offices; Paula Scher, the graphic artist behind some of American's best-known brands; and Steve McCallion, the product designer who predicts our appetites -- and satisfies them. Also, learn about four of design's rising stars, who are on the front lines of the design industry.

In our Web exclusives, read extended interview transcripts where our Masters expand on their visions of design and view slideshows of their work and their favorite designs from others.

<< Design Masters

Jochen Zeitz

Design Master: The Catalyst

Jochen Zeitz, CEO

Puma AG

Jochen Zeitz

Design Master: The Mind Reader

Steve McCallion, creative director

Ziba Design

Jochen Zeitz

Design Master: The Wordsmith

Paula Scher, partner


Jochen Zeitz

Design Master: The Builder

Clive Wilkinson, principal

Clive Wilkinson Architects

<< Articles

Tough Love

Business wants to love design, but it's often an awkward romance.


Fresh faces from the front lines of design.

Design Intervention

At Philips, a place long known for big ideas and small numbers, can there be too much of a good thing?

Comfort Class

How Virgin Atlantic came up with a better airline seat--in (gasp!) coach.

Open Debate

Can anyone be a designer?


<< Web Exclusives

Client Side of Design

In a candid conversation with Fast Company, Paula Scher expands on choosing the right clients.

Puma's Design Ethos

In this extended edited interview transcript, Jochen Zeitz discusses Puma's design ethos.

To Read the Consumer's Mind

In this edited interview, Steve McCallion, creative director of Portland, Oregon-based Ziba Design, expands on why "deep consumer research" is a critical part of the design process.

Designer's Favorite Things

See the complete lists of designs sanctioned by the Masters.

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