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Zwift is the world’s biggest digital playground for cyclists and runners. By taking advantage of sensor data as people cycle or run, Zwift users experience real changes in elevation based on terrain changes in the game while transmitting real-world information on heart rate, power output, and running pace.

In 2018, Zwift expanded its online environments so users can experience fantasy ones that take place underwater, in volcanos, and even in Mayan ruins as well as courses that simulate London and even the 2018 World Cycling Championship course in Innsbruck, Austria. Zwift also added group workouts, training plans that adapt as users reach certain goals, and Zwift Run, which lets users benefit from the same features available to cyclists from their treadmills. Zwift also released an Android app (it's been available for iOS, TVOS, OSX, and Windows), giving it distribution on all major tech platforms. 

2019: Sports
headquarters: Long Beach, California