Most Innovative Companies

Zume Pizza

The self-described “pizza nerds” behind Zume Pizza have a mission to meld food and technology. The company’s delivery vehicle may look ordinary from the outside, but within, it’s doing something quite innovative: Using robots to create pizzas en route, so that they arrive hot at your doorstep. The vehicles are equipped with more than 50 ovens, and in their commissary kitchen, there is an assembly line of robots doing repetitive tasks such as shaping the dough and spreading the sauce. If the technique proves successful, it could have huge implications not just for pizza delivery but throughout the fast food industry, which is heavily reliant on repetitive task-heavy labor. Zume Pizza was founded by Alex Garden, an alum of Zynga and Microsoft, and Julia Collins, a veteran restaurateur. 

2018: Robotics
headquarters: Mountain View, CA