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Zero Latency

In North Melbourne, Australia, gamers can pay about $63 a pop to spend 45 minutes in a virtual world, slaying zombies in an abandoned building with up to six of their friends. That's thanks to Zero Latency, a young company that has become a pioneer in free roam virtual reality and is exciting gamers worldwide. Since raising just over $20,000 via a crowdfunding campaign in 2014, Zero Latency has attracted more funding from venture capitalists and expanded its gaming venue from a 50 square meter room to a 400 square meter warehouse. It opened to the public in August 2015 and immediately garnered attention from the international gaming community, with tickets selling out months in advance. Though the game is ill-suited to be played at home--it requires a large amount of space, not to mention a handful of expensive equipment for each player--Zero Latency says it expects to sell its technology to people who want to operate venues of their own. The company is also planning to open its content up to other gaming developers, and is hoping to eventually partner with larger companies like Electronic Arts to bring well-known video games to (virtual) reality.