Most Innovative Companies

Yego Innovision

Rwanda’s “boda boda”--motorcycle taxi--industry is huge, with 20,000 on the roads compared to 600 taxis. It is also unregulated and chaotic, causing a number of problems that mobility company Yego Moto is fixing with its innovative platform. After an extensive trial in 2017 that involved 840 motorbike taxis, Yego Moto was licensed by the government in early 2018 and has now set about providing meters to boda boda drivers. These meters, which have been provided to around 2,000 drivers thus far, are formalizing the industry, allowing customers to request and pay for rides using their phones, with a model similar to that of Uber. Yet Yego Moto is adapted to local conditions. Passengers can also pay using Ride-Tap-Pay NFC tags, while overcharging is eradicated using the its Intelligent Connected Fare Meter. The platform has been designed to work in the harsh and varied African environment, even with limited or no internet connectivity, and the IoT platform enables local law enforcement to monitor drivers for insurance, safety of rides, and license and registration. The government can use collected data to alleviate traffic congestion, while drivers are able to build up a credit record.

2019: Africa
headquarters: Kigali, Rwanda