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WuXi NextCode

The World's Most Innovative Companies 2018

Advances in DNA sequencing have created a trove of genomic data that’s huge, unwieldy, and potentially immensely valuable. WuXiNextCODE helps researchers manage and make sense of it all. Formed in 2015 when Chinese firm WuXi AppTec acquired NextCODE—a bioinformatics startup spun out from deCODE Genomics—Wuxi NextCODE has quickly emerged as the leading platform for storing, sharing, and interpreting massive sets of genomic data. With offices in Shanghai, Cambridge, and Reykjavik, WuXiNextCODE has the world covered, and is a partner in some of the largest population genomics projects underway today, including Genomics England and the Qatar Genome Project. Institutions like Boston Children’s Hospital, Harvard and Stanford Medical Schools, and the Koch Institute are customers, as are companies such as Foundation Medicine and 23andMe. In China, the company is developing a range of consumer-focused sequence-based diagnostics and wellness products.

2018: Biotech
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