Most Innovative Companies


The job search is often compared to dating, but Israeli tech company Gloat (formerly known as Workey) takes that comparison more literally. Its iOS app works like a Tinder or Bumble, where users input information and see potential matches. Gloat uses a chatbot to get to the bottom of what its job seekers are looking for and what their skills are; it also easily incorporates resumes and LinkedIn profiles. Then, users receive notifications from companies who are interested and can also search job postings for relevant positions. Most importantly, profiles are kept anonymous to recruiters. The app uses AI to more effectively match candidates and companies, and allows users to set “paths” and career goals to better meet their needs. So far, more than 300 companies are using Gloat to enhance their job opening process; that number includes big players like WeWork, Oracle, and Dell. The service is free to job seekers, but makes money by charging companies for successful candidate matchups. 

2018: Israel
headquarters: Tel Aviv, Israel