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Food-tech company WeissBeerger creates sensors that attach to the hoses connecting a keg to a bar’s tap or a soda machine's dispenser, measuring everything along the way: temperature, quality, inventory, and even the patron’s drinking patterns. The data allows breweries and bars to monitor consumption habits in real time, thus informing their marketing efforts and product development—for example, using the beer analytics to guide a bar on when to run a happy hour promotion for a specific brew. WeissBeerger’s system can account for shortages in a keg’s sold versus dispensed mugs, and determine the reason for the discrepancy, such as employees drinking on the job or serving free beers. In 2016, WeissBeerger went from covering tens of bars to thousands of them. WeissBeerger client bars have increased beer sales by up to 32% and cut beer waste in half, the company says. Also in 2016, WeissBeerger rolled out its soda-machine product, and began working with Coca-Cola and other companies to help track what customers are favoring in fast-food restaurants and elsewhere. 

2017: Israel
staff: 70
headquarters: Tel Aviv, Israel
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