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Vivint Smart Home

Vivint Smart Home is a provider of connected home technology that is geared toward automation and ease-of-use. Founded as APX Alarm Security Solutions in 1999, the company originally sold and installed third-party security systems, but in 2011 rebranded and pivoted toward smart-home solutions. (It also launched and later completely spun off Vivint Solar, a solar energy company.) Vivint Smart Home now focuses on smart-home technology as a complete service and system, rather than directing all of its resources into much-hyped single products.

Its comprehensive solution, which is mostly sold via door-to-door and online marketing, includes a hub with a variety of optional sensors, such as smoke, glass break, carbon monoxide, and flood, as well as add-ons like smart locks, thermostats, and a doorbell cam, all of which can all be controlled via the Vivint app. Customers aren't left to fend for themselves after installation: The package also comes with 24/7 tech support, which will dispatch an in-person technician for maintenance or repair. (Customers are charged monthly for the services.) In 2017, Vivint introduced a “flex-pay” option so that equipment costs can be paid monthly as well—interest-free—rather than up front. In January 2017, the company revealed an AI assistant called Sky that analyzes customers' behavior to learn, say, when to shut off the lights or make the living room toastier. Vivint also a struck a partnership with Airbnb that will let hosts that use its equipment interact with guests via a doorbell camera, as well as allow them keyless entry.

2017: Top 50
public or private: Private
revenue: $553 million (through Q3 2016)
staff: 8,000
users: 1.2 million customers
Competition: Nest, August
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