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Virta Health

More than 115 million people, or half of U.S. adults, have either type 2 diabetes or prediabetes, creating a $327 billion economic burden on the healthcare system. Founded in 2014, Virta Health aims to “reverse” type 2 diabetes with a subscription program ($370 per month) that involves continuous remote monitoring and non-pharmacological interventions—namely, a carbohydrate-restricted nutrition program. In 2018, Virta released results of a peer-reviewed study showing that its treatment approach achieved sustained type 2 diabetes reversal rates of 60% at one year—with 94% of patients on insulin reducing their dosage or eliminating it altogether—plus significant improvement in cardiovascular disease risk factors. Thousands of people are currently enrolled in Virta’s program, and in April 2018, the company raised a $45 million Series B funding round to accelerate growth.

2019: Health
headquarters: San Francisco, California