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Vimeo offers video creators the platform and tools they need to do their best work, in a world where everyone is becoming a creator and needs a digital video strategy. 

In 2018, it built on its high-quality, ad-free video platform with a subscription-based model and new tools to make its creator community more successful.  With the launch of social distribution tools, Vimeo creators publish their videos to such platforms as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube with a single click. Last fall, the company introduced Vimeo Stock, a global, royalty-free stock marketplace featuring exclusive footage sourced directly from Vimeo’s creators. Vimeo Stock is woven into the Vimeo workflow, so buyers can host, organize, review, and then distribute raw  footage, rough cuts, and the final work within a single platform. Vimeo subscribers, of which there are almost one million, get a 20% discount on purchases and the creators of that video get 60% to 70% of the proceeds, which is double the industry average. Vimeo also improved its OTT offering, adding live streaming  as well as pay-per-view and free video-on-demand. 

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headquarters: New York, New York