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Veritas Genetics

Most consumer DNA services give you a relatively limited view of your genome, offering genotyping, like 23andMe, or exome sequencing, like Helix. Both methods cover just a tiny fraction of your total genome. Veritas delivers the whole genome--not only the 20,000 known protein-coding genes, but the other 98.8% of the human genome that is made up of noncoding, “junk” DNA. Why? Because in the future we will very likely know more about what this junk does. A decade ago, whole-genome sequencing cost around $300,000. Veritas charges $1,000 for its myGenome service, which includes sequencing, analysis, and storage of your complete DNA’s profile. Veritas envisions this as an evolving resource, which will only yield more value over time, as research advances. To that end, the company has investing heavily in machine learning tools that help customers ask plain-English questions about their genome using voice interfaces like Amazon’s Alexa. “With the whole genome,” says Veritas CEO Mirza Cifric, “you have something of value you can ask complicated questions over time.”

2018: Health
headquarters: Danvers, MA
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