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The World's Most Innovative Companies 2017

Unbotify is a cybersecurity startup that uses behavioral biometrics analysis to detect bots—and counter cybercrime. Unbotify can tell whether a visitor to a site is a bot or a human, based on behaviors such as mouse movements, scrolling activity, and touch-device interactions. About half of all Web traffic is bots, which leads to online fraud, security breaches, and inflated Web traffic (and, thus, higher ad prices). Bot operators, of course, are hip to such defenses, so Unbotify needs to stay several steps ahead, like by tailoring a solution to the client after analyzing its human visitors’ behavior on the site. The company's CEO, Yaron Oliker, says that Unbotify’s clients include large online gambling sites and two of the top five travel sites in the world. 

2017: Israel
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