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The World's Most Innovative Companies 2017

Twilio is a cloud-communications platform that sells a diverse set of services to help developers program voice, message, and video communications into apps—granting them call center-level scale at a fraction of the time and equipment costs. In summer 2016, investors sent Twilio's stock through the roof when it broke through a dearth of tech IPOs, and now CEO Jeff Lawson is now on a crusade to rid the world of exhaustive customer-service calls. (Banking giant ING stripped out all the hardware and software that runs its global call-center system and replaced it with Twilio's cloud-based service.)

Twilio’s services have become so pervasive that most people don’t even know they’re using them. For example, Twilio is responsible for the notifications Uber users get when their driver is outside, and Netflix uses Twilio to send users a new password when they lose it. Twilio launched several new products in 2016, including Notify, which helps companies determine the best way to reach users based on their preferences, including via SMS, Messenger, Apple push notification, and Google cloud-messaging service.

2012: Mobile
valuation: $2.5 billion
staff: 650
users: 36,606 active customer accounts
headquarters: San Francisco
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