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TVSquared helps marketers adapt their linear television campaigns in real-time just like a digital one.  Historically, TV advertisers have had to accept out-of-date and imprecise ratings data and were restricted to age and gender for targeting an audience. Through real-time spot and response data analysis, TVSquared is helping to modernize TV advertising.

In March 2018, TVSquared partnered with LiveRamp to bring audience-level TV attribution to advertisers using a platform called ADvantage. Advertisers can view how a TV campaign is performing by day, daypart, program, genre, creative, network, and with which people. Adobe Advertising Cloud also integrated TVSquared's same-day TV analytics and optimization insights for its clients. Advertisers can now take advantage of its data and optimize TV buys within the popular programmatic TV ad-buying platform. TVSquared also introduced ADvantage Enterprise in 2018, which lets users measure, optimize, and manage TV campaigns across multiple countries and brands. 

headquarters: Edinburgh, Scotland