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True[X]'s mission is to change the marketplace for premium digital video advertising. 

In 2018, true[X], a technology company building the next generation of advertising products for premium video, underpinned Fox Networks Group’s announcement to sunset traditional pod advertising on digital and streaming platforms. This means that traditional commercial ad time will come down by 80% by 2020. In their place, new ad units ask users whether they are interested in interacting with an advertisement for a minimum of 30 seconds, letting them opt out of traditional ones. Fox’s FX channel, for example, has now eliminated traditional commercials on digital platforms, yet its advertisers' brand lift was up 30%. 

True[X] also debuted its Up//Lift measurement tech to help brands more precisely measure and optimize campaigns in real time. The machine learning-based tools can assess how consumers are reacting to a brand in real time across desktop, mobile, and smart TVs. The technology offers a prediction of a viewer’s likely receptivity to an ad before serving it, improving over time and reducing wasted ad spend.

2019: Video
headquarters: Los Angeles, California