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Founded in 2014, Totohealth is similar to Voxiva's Text4Baby, providing advice and reminders for new and expectant mothers living in Kenya. Where the two services differ is the impact: Not only does Totohealth provide care advice, but they also send kits to expectant mothers to help with the birth process (only half of Kenyan women give birth in a hospital) and with postpartum care of a newborn. With 1 in 38 Kenyan women dying in childbirth, it's an incredibly important service that could become a significant game changer in the field of maternal care. Since launching last year, Totohealth has gained 15,400 users, secured $140K in investments, and expanded to neighboring Tanzania with hopes of eventually serving greater East Africa.
2016: Africa
public or private: Private
profitable: Did receive $140,000 in investments from Spark International, Indigo Trust, Spring Accelerator, M-Lab, and two local investors
staff: 8
users: 15,400