Most Innovative Companies

Sophia Genetics

Founded in 2011, Sophia Genetics is a Switzerland-based biotechnology company that focuses on genomics research through the use of its own artificial intelligence-based technology, Sophia AI. The company uses its data analysis system, “Sophia Data-Driven Medicine” (Sophia DDM) and “Next-Generation DNA Sequencing” (NGS) to develop genomics research for biotechnology professionals. In 2017, Sophia Genetics entered the field of liquid biopsies, with an app that uses Sophia AI to interpret circulating tumor DNA and tumor cells in blood, urine, cerebral spinal fluid. This allows doctors to detect and address cancer at earlier stages, without having to wait months to see changes in imaging scans. Sophie AI is currently used by more than 400 healthcare institutions in 55 countries and has helped diagnose more than 125,000 patients to date.

2018: Biotech
headquarters: Saint-Sulpice, Switzerland