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Sofar Sounds

Sofar​ ​Sounds​ ​reimagines​ ​live​ ​events​ ​through​ ​curated,​ ​secret​ ​performances​ ​in​ ​intimate​ ​settings in​ ​more​ ​than​ ​400​ ​cities​ ​around​ ​the​ ​world. With a global community of guests, hosts, and artists, its experiences focus on creating a lasting connection between fans and artists. As of 2019, members  of the Sofar Sounds community have produced more than 20,000 concerts. 

Some of these performances are sponsored by major brands like Bud Light, Amnesty International, and Firestone. Featured performers have included Ed Sheeran, Leon Bridges, and Esperanza Spalding. In December 2018, Sofar partnered with Comcast’s Xfinity brand to launch the “Future of Awesome Tour” in 12 cities with the goal of surfacing local emerging artists and connecting them to new fans.

The brand partnerships help validate Sofar's vision of a different kind of concert experience than what traditionally exists today. 

2019: Music
headquarters: London