Most Innovative Companies

Sober Steering

Sober Steering is the small company behind a high-tech steering wheel that could drastically reduce drunk driving incidents. The technology, called the Zero Tolerance System, uses biosensors in the wheel to detect a driver's blood alcohol content through his or her hands. If the driver is over the legal limit, the car won't move, and authorities and other contacts can be notified. Unlike standard breathalyzers, Sober Steering's sensors monitor blood alcohol content continuously and can be used without requiring the driver to pull over. It's also cheaper than a traditional ignition interlock system and can be retrofitted easily into existing steering wheels. The technology is already available to fleet vehicles like trucks and buses, but will be released for passenger cars this year. Good timing as the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration pushes for alcohol detection systems in more new cars.
public or private: Private, owned by Sensor Diagnostics
revenue: $1,400,000 revenue as of November 2015, according to Nexis
staff: Fewer than 10
headquarters: Waterloo, ON