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Sixteen String Jack Productions

Sixteen String Jack is a television production company cofounded by comedian John Oliver and known for its flagship show, HBO's Last Week Tonight With John Oliver. Operating more like a funny, half-hour version of 60 Minutes than his former home, Comedy Central's The Daily Show, or the viral ringmaster vibe of Jimmy Fallon, Oliver's show revolves around a centerpiece issue that goes deep, provokes thought, and perhaps most importantly, inspires action from the audience. The show transcends timeliness, often devoting these long segments to a long-simmering issue, rather than a flavor of the week. It also transcends passive viewership, riling the audience up with righteous indignation on any topic from FIFA to chicken farming, and then explaining what viewers can do with that anger. In one episode about the extortionist practices of evangelical TV organizations and the legal latitude granted to them, Oliver set up his own fake TV church and solicited money from viewers to prove how easily it could be done. It's the future of audience engagement, every week on HBO.

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Twitter: @lastweektonight
Instagram: @lastweektonight

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