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Simplify Networks

Think of Simplify as the Airbnb for cell phone data—and the latest assault on what's been a balkanized global wireless business. The Malaysian-based service has created a marketplace for users to buy and sell excess megabytes from their monthly plans, extending the sharing economy into the digital realm. Simplify connects users through its Android app, letting sellers set prices and how much data they’re willing to sell. The service dynamically creates an encrypted password and enables payments through PayPal so buyers can seamlessly piggyback on another person's internet access. Simplify's app launched in August 2016 and by January 2017 was adding 1,000 users a day. CEO Yen Pei Tay is initially targeting international travelers so they can avoid high roaming rates or the hassle of buying a local SIM card, and he's recruiting airports and ride-sharing drivers to seed his market in Southeast Asia. “These networks were designed in the 1980s,” says Tay, a former engineer at Nokia and Motorola. “To liberate the market, something has to change.”

2017: Top 50
public or private: Private
staff: 4
users: 50,000+ downloads
headquarters: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Competition: Google, T-Mobile
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