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Companies that go public are often accused of becoming slower innovators. But Shutterstock, the digital-image marketplace that IPO'd in October 2012, has been releasing new programs at a rapid clip while delivering 40% revenue growth. Spectrum lets users search images by color; Skillfeed offers online classes on video and imaging software; and Offset is a new site for higher-quality visuals. Shutterstock has also integrated with Dropbox and made its images available for free to Facebook advertisers (who had previously been littering the site's ad space with cheap, terrible photos). Jon Oringer, Shutterstock's founder and CEO, explains the genesis of the Facebook deal: "They have 1 million advertisers, and buying ads is easy until you get to the part where you have to drop in an image. Grabbing something off the web can open you up to a lawsuit. All of Shutterstock's images are ready to be used commercially. Facebook pays us a fee per image, and our contributors get about 30%. Advertisers create more ads without needing a photo budget, Facebook gets more advertisers, and we get to sell images."
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