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The World's Most Innovative Companies 2018

Clean energy startup Semtive, founded in 2009, has created a wind turbine that is optimized for urban and suburban areas. In 2014, Semtive introduced Nemoi, a vertical access wind turbine that works with a simple breeze and comes with a solar panel. It is lightweight, clean, and nearly noiseless, not to mention easy to put together--making it ideal for home-level use and for humanitarian purposes. Nemoi is also 95% recyclable and can be used as a backup generator or a main source of power. So far, Semtive has created several models, including Nemoi Lumina, a freestanding turbine that also functions as a light and has Wi-Fi. Meanwhile, the Nemoi M, released in 2017 and equipped with a state of the art micro-inverter, is a small, high-power device that can be installed in any home, in any weather condition.

headquarters: Mountain View, CA
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