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Seismic’s mission is to add new functionality to clothing through discreet robotics that augment body motion. In September 2018, Seismic unveiled to the public its spring 2019 collection of stylish activewear, fused with discreet robotics. Worn comfortably as a base layer under clothing or alone as activewear, Seismic’s suit mimics the biomechanics of the human body to augment human strength and give people a physical advantage in their personal lives. Powered Clothing looks and feels like apparel, but functions more like an extension of the human body--an extra set of “muscles” people can put on every day. The suit supports the body’s core by providing up to 30 watts of power to each hip and the lower back. This means people who wear the suit are able to sit, stand, lift, or carry for longer periods of time, avoiding or minimizing the discomforts that generally come with muscle fatigue. 

2019: Robotics
headquarters: San Francisco, CA