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The World's Most Innovative Companies 2018

Scopely is a mobile game developer based in Los Angeles. The company launched in 2012 with free-to-play mobile games such as Dice With Buddies and Jewels With Buddies, and in 2014, expanded its offerings to include a partnership with Hasbro on Yahtzee With Buddies. In 2015, Scopely launched its partnership with Skybound Entertainment on The Walking Dead: Road to Survival.  The company's model is borrowed from the entertainment industry, where creatives focus on creating, and studios provide the infrastructure and resources to execute their vision. In 2017, Scopely secured the license to develop a game based on the Temple Run franchise, and in January 2018 it won the right to make an NFL version of Yahtzee With Buddies as well as reportedly raising up to $125 million to raise its valuation to almost $800 million.

Scopely’s savvy goes beyond creating viral-ready games and into marketing them. For The Walking Dead: Road to Survival, a zombie game that Scopely made with The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman and his Skybound production company, Scopely didn't just urge people to download the game on social media and in mobile apps, the typical ways developers draw in users. It combined traditional advertising (TV spots ran on Comedy Central, FX, ESPN, and other networks) with clever, social media-based marketing. YouTube stars and other influencers made videos to promote the game (in some they dressed up like zombies), which resulted in 4 million video views on Facebook and YouTube. As of late 2016, the game had been downloaded 25 million times.

2018: Gaming
2017: Hollywood
staff: 200
headquarters: Culver City, California
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