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Sanku-Project Healthy Children

Based in Tanzania, the Sanku-Project Healthy Children has developed innovative new technology, the "dosifier," which enables rural flour mills to fortify flour with key nutrients during the milling process. Fortification, which includes things like adding iodine to table salt, is common across the world, but difficult to do at scale in rural Africa, an issue solved by the project. With fortified flour tackling issues of nutrition deficiency such as birth defects, child development issues, and blindness, the potential impact is huge. Sanku-PHC already provides fortified flour to more than one million people, and a recent pilot program conducted with Vodafone brought real-time, data-driven insights to 3,000 flour mills. By utilizing the Internet of Things, Sanku-PHC aims to reach 100 million people, providing them with more nutritional food, by 2025. 

2019: Africa
headquarters: Westborough, Massachusetts
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