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Millions of people in East Africa have no access to proper sanitation. Instead, people defecate outside, which leads to deadly disease. Toilets need proper cleaning and plumbing, so just dropping a toilet into a home isn't effective. To solve the problem, Sanivation installs container-based toilets in homes for free, but then charges a fee of $7 to service them once a week. Instead of dumping the waste, Sanivation transforms it into small, odorless briquettes that get sold back into the community to be burned as a cleaner alternative to charcoal. Sanivation says one ton of briquettes burned saves 88 trees, but the challenge is convincing people to ditch charcoal. In 2015 the startup installed toilets in 55 Kenyan homes and opened a plant that can create 150 tons of briquettes a month. The company is currently producing about 10 tons per month and almost all of the fuel has already been sold. By spring 2016, it hopes to be in 500 homes, produce between 60 and 70 tons of fuel a month, and license its model to refugee camps throughout East Africa.
2016: Africa
public or private: Private
staff: 11
users: 55+ toilets so far installed. Producing 10 tons of briquettes a month right now in its processing plant. Most of the fuel already created has already been sold.
Competition: Sanergy