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Samsung Electronics Africa

Samsung Electronics Africa is an arm of the South Korean multinational electronics company and part of Samsung Group, which is headquartered in Suwon, South Korea. The company manufactures consumer electronics, telecommunications equipment, home appliances, and even semiconductors. Two years ago, Samsung Electronics Africa announced a new corporate social responsibility initiative with the express goal of helping to usher the continent into the future. One of their more ambitious projects is Digital Village, which involves setting up a solar-powered generator, a 24-student Internet school, and a telemedical center so that under-resourced areas can set up health, communication, and education services. Since starting the project, Samsung has established 10 digital villages, with the most recent setup arriving in Kasenga, Democratic Republic of Congo, in September 2015. The initiative is ambitious and empowering, proving that what Africa needs is not charity but the technology to move its people forward.
2016: Africa
valuation: $37.8B
public or private: Public
users: 489,000