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Riot Games

Riot Games is an American gaming company founded in 2006 that specializes in video game publishing and esports tournaments. Riot is known for its flagship League of Legends, a free-to-play, online battle game that has 67 million global players and culminates each year in a world championship as spectacular as any traditional sporting tournament: packed-stadium crowds, a million-dollar prize, and ESPN-like coverage courtesy of Riot's online esports network. Riot has been instrumental in helping to build the billion-dollar infrastructure of esports, taking loosely organized events that were initially created mainly by fans and turning them into a professional league of divisions and tiers. The company's annual collegiate series uLOL awards more than $660,000 in scholarships.

Top perks for employees:

Unlimited paid time-off; a sprawling commissary with fully subsidized meals and coffee bar; employees receive $300 per year to spend on video games; a "PC bar" where employees can play video games 24/7; Korean snack vending machines.

Social media handles:

Twitter: @riotgames

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67 million monthly players
Los Angeles, CA