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R/GA is an advertising agency known for originating the Nike Plus platform, the "Straight Outta" campaign for Beats by Dre, and 2015's "Love Has No Labels" Ad Council spot (which became the most-viewed community activism spot ever), among other award-winning campaigns. In 2015, R/GA created a sports technology incubator with the Los Angeles Dodgers, and in September 2016 it launched the R/GA IoT Venture Studio to support British startups looking to develop internet-of-things products and services on a global scale. By investing and being involved with these startups, the company aims to stay ahead of the curve in both technology and consumer behavior. R/GA has also embedded its innovative reputation into its office culture, with its New York City headquarters being the subject of filmmaker Gary Hustwit's new documentary Workplace, which explored how the firm is rethinking the physical space of its office to encourage collaboration and creative thinking. 

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