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The World's Most Innovative Companies 2017

Resy is a front-of-house reservation app and back-end restaurant management software. In 2016, that second distinction proved savory enough to lure many upscale eateries and major chains alike to defect from other seating services. The company cooked up unique deals with Danny Meyer’s Union Square Hospitality Group (they’re beaming some features through Apple Watches) and Airbnb, which is launching a dining-centric expansion into travel services. That Meyer, a former investor and one-time board member at OpenTable, is on board signals exactly how hungry restaurants are for change.

Resy offers flat-rate services instead of the classic per-person fee that once ruled restaurant booking. Restaurants can also mix and match their inventory in various ways to allocate tables by prominence or seating zone. Meanwhile, guests can text if they’re running late, or share info about who else will be at the table. Once everyone is seated, the platform lets managers track what Resy cofounder Ben Leventhal calls “micro-events”—those minor but important details like table greetings, wine ordering, or even signaling coat check.

In October 2016, the group passed the 1 million registered user mark with 1200% year-over-year growth. They’ve colonized 1,000 restaurants in 50 cities with a 4% no-show rate, and expect to triple their enlisted eateries in 2017. Each establishment can choose whichever services make the most sense for its needs. “It’s one size fits one, for sure,” Leventhal says. Restaurants can choose to share general receipt info with other businesses to spot diners who are particularly active or who have specific preferences, so customers with good dining habits may be universally rewarded. “If you get treated as a regular the first time you walk through the door, you are coming back,” Leventhal says. That’s good for everyone’s business. 

staff: 35
headquarters: New York City
Competition: OpenTable
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