Most Innovative Companies


Founded in 2010, Ressence is a relative newcomer to the rarified world of luxury watchmaking. Its goal is to bring high-tech sex appeal to traditional mechanical watches. Ressence’s 2015 Type 5 model uses oil to make the watch readable from any angle underwater, the first mechanical watch to do so. And the company’s biggest splash, the 2018 concept Type 2 e-Crown watch, bridges the divide between mechanical watches and smartwatches. Invented with the help of Nest and iPod mastermind Tony Fadell, it solves one of the biggest problems with mechanical watches: They lose time and have to be manually reset every few weeks. The Type 2’s e-Crown, essentially a built-in robot, helps the watch calibrate itself to the correct time automatically; set the watch once, and you never have to set it again. The Type 2 goes into production in April 2019 and costs $48,000.

2019: Design
headquarters: Antwerp, Belgium