Most Innovative Companies


Qlik is a Swedish data visualization firm that lets companies compare enormous amounts of data from different files and formats visually. Dump data in Qlik’s customizable platform, and an internal algorithm organizes it into various charts and graphs, which re-adjust simultaneously as you explore different aspects of them. For organizations working on complex, data-heavy problems, it’s been a godsend.

Qlik may have 40,000 commercial clients, but it wants to power more than profit potential. So in 2010, it launched a global corporate responsibility program, offering software and services for free to nonprofit groups in need. Those that have signed on include Direct Relief, MedAir, and Smile Train. Even the UN has plugged in, using Qlik’s data juggling in different ways to spot countrywide trends toward sustainable development goals.

For nonprofits, the biggest selling point comes on the back end. By loading in financial and mission data, Qlik can create easy ways for groups to show donors exactly how they’re making a cost-effective impact. Or how an investment in oft-ignored but important areas, like overhead, could pay dividends in the long run. That feature alone will likely drive even more groups to sign up.

staff: 2,500
headquarters: Radnor, Pennsylvania