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Propeller Health

The World's Most Innovative Companies 2017

Propeller Health develops technology for patients and physicians to better understand asthma and COPD, which afflict millions of patients in the U.S. alone, with a goal of improving symptoms and reducing hospitalizations and ER visits. The Propeller Health system includes a sensor that attaches to inhaler rescue or controller medications; an app called Cards (launched in 2016) for patients to better manage their conditions; and tools for providers to proactively manage large groups of patients. This system is FDA-approved as a medical device, with eight separate FDA clearances obtained so far.

Propeller Health’s technologies are now used in more than 45 programs across the U.S., including at large health systems like Dignity Health. Propeller has recently completed an analysis of 330 patients showing a 100% reduction in asthma-related hospitalizations and a 60% reduction in asthma-related ER visits over approximately one year. The company also launched the first predictive tool for asthma risk based on environment, using results from a peer-review publication. The company makes money by working with health plans and integrated health systems to help reduce respiratory utilization and cost, as well as pharma companies that are looking for ways to improve medication adherence. 

2017: Health
public or private: Private
staff: 60
users: 10,000
headquarters: Madison, Wisconsin
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