Most Innovative Companies


Paytm is India’s largest mobile first financial services platform. What began primarily as online bill pay is now a full-service mobile money solution that includes Paytm Payments Bank, which is geared towards people who haven’t had access to financial services. Paytm Payments Bank includes debit cards, money market funds, and soon, business accounts. Speaking of business, Paytm also recently launched its Paytm for Business app, which allows retailers to track transactions and receive digital payments via QR code. It has also beefed up its appeals to corporate customers with banking features including a food wallet that can be restricted for use at an office cafeteria. Patytm  Payments Bank CEO Renu Satti has said in interviews that she aims for Paytm to earn 500 million users in the next two to three years.

2017: India
headquarters: Noida, India