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Orbital Insight

The World's Most Innovative Companies 2018

Orbital Insight is pushing the boundaries of geospatial analytics, the field of computer vision technology and machine learning that identifies signals and data points in satellite imagery. As more and more unmanned aerial vehicles and low-cost satellites come online, Orbital Insight is developing unique processing applications for the data they capture, creating new use cases for businesses and governments alike. In the brick-and-mortar space, for example, the Mountain View-based company is able to analyze satellite imagery of hundreds of thousands of parking lots to study vehicle presence and make sales predictions based on traffic patterns at retailers ranging from Chipotle to JC Penney to Whole Foods. In one of its more compelling use cases, Orbital Insight worked with the World Bank to use satellite imagery to map poverty levels in places such as Mexico and Sri Lanka, with the aim of increasing real-time awareness and response accuracy for aid organizations and NGOS while pushing local governments toward more timely action.

staff: 110
headquarters: Mountain View, California
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