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The World's Most Innovative Companies 2018

Launched in January 2017, OneOme’s RightMed is a gene-based drug-matching test that can predict adverse reactions and eliminate trial and error in finding an antidepressant or cancer remedy that works for a particular patient. “Our mission was to have the most comprehensive test,” says Paul Owen, CEO of OneOme, a Minneapolis-based startup established by the Mayo Clinic through healthcare incubator Invenshure. While earlier pharmacogenomic tests have focused on a specific gene or condition, the RightMed test covers 23 genes, with indications for hundreds of medications, meaning that it can improve the efficacy of prescription medications. “Because we can take care of a breadth of indications,” Owen says, “we’ve had significant success bringing pharmacogenomics into the health system.” The $349 price is lower than most single-gene tests, and since RightMed launched, more than 550 hospitals and clinics from 22 countries have ordered it. 

headquarters: Minneapolis, Minnesota
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