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Noora Health

Noora Health is a Bangalore-based nonprofit with a hospital education platform that helps patients and their at-home caretakers learn skills for recovering from a major medical event like surgery or managing chronic conditions like diabetes. Born out of Stanford's and part of the winter 2014 cohort from the Y Combinator accelerator, Noora uses an iPad app and an offering of videos, quizzes, and interactive content to impart valuable knowledge for at-home recovery, while working to reduce hospital readmission rates. They also focus on in-person training of family members in the hospital. For now, the visuals-first Noora platform is focused on India, where hospitals are particularly chaotic and struggle with a high volume of patients as well as high patient illiteracy. Its strategy seems to be working: One study showed a 33% increase in highly satisfied patients, a 24% reduction in readmissions, and a 36% reduction in 30-day post surgical complication rates at Noora's partner hospitals. Noora Health has conducted several successful pilots in the U.S., but since it is a slow and expensive market compared to India, it is focusing 90% of their efforts there.

The company's competitive advantage in 2016:

In-demand service with few competitors

The biggest challenges standing in this company's way in 2016:

Regulatory hurdles in the U.S. may make it hard to expand there.

What to look out for:

Approval to operate in the U.S., expansion

Social media handles:

Twitter: @NooraHealth


public or private
45,000 trained family members
Bangalore, India; Palo Alto, CA