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In 2014, many fitness junkies had all but written off the Nike Fuelband after the athletic wear company announced it would be laying off a chunk of the team responsible for the wearable fitness tracker. But the following year, Nike came back with a new focus: Software. Rather than trying to beat established players like Apple or Samsung at the hardware game, why not focus on pulling together all that important fitness data into one place? Nike describes NikeFuel, its suite of apps that includes Nike+ Fuelband SE, Nike+ Running, and Nike+ Training Club as a “simple universal way to measure how much you move” and compare it with friends. Nike had another hit on its hands in 2015 thanks to Jordan Brand—its line of footwear fronted by Michael Jordan—with huge sales in China and other markets. Ever eager to reach new consumers, Nike also made waves last fall when it developed a Jordan-branded video game, "Striking Control," which featured L.A. Clippers point guard Chris Paul.