Most Innovative Companies

New Degree Technology

Shenzhen-based company New Degree Technology focuses specifically on advancements in pressure sensor and 3-D touch technologies, particularly for smartphones. It was founded in 2011 by Hao Li. In a 2018 U.S. Patent filing for "pressure-sensitive touch screen and touch display screen and electronic device," New Degree describes its innovation as comprising of two sets of sensors, creating a "substrate." A touch screen consists of "first and second strain sensors and a detecting circuit electrically connected to the first and second strain sensors. The substrate is configured to at least laterally deform in response to a touch and has a peripheral area. The first and second strain sensors are disposed on the peripheral area of the substrate and are adjacent to one another. The first strain sensor changes resistance in response to touch-based lateral deformation of the substrate. The second strain sensor provides a reference resistance. The detecting circuit is configured to detect a touched location and measure a pressure, based on resistance of the first strain sensor, and to use the reference resistance of the second strain sensor to compensate for changes in environmental conditions."

2018: China
headquarters: Shenzhen, China