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Like many nations in the Middle East, water is a precious commodity in Israel. Luckily, it's an issue that the country is already addressing, using 60% recycled and desalinated water to power industry and agriculture in the country. One of the leaders in this movement to conserve water is Neotop Water Systems. The company is primarily concerned with maintaining water levels in Israel's reservoirs and aquifers through its Top Up water-ball system, which covers the surface of the reservoir in thousands of white balls, cutting evaporation by as much as 90 percent and cooling water by 4-9˚C (39.2-48.2˚F). The system is revolutionary because the color and construction of the ball actually helps prevent not only evaporation, but also the growth of harmful pollutants like algae and bacteria. According to cofounder Zeev Birger, this innovative solution could double Israel's farming water supply over the next few years.
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